Datasheet 📜

Add the ability to measure ORP to your hardware application with a fully digital interface.

Summary ℹ️

  • mV range of -2.23 to 2.23
  • Accuracy ±0.001 mV
  • Resolution 0.001 mV units
  • I²C, UART, and USB interfaces
  • 1-Wire interface for DS18B20 temperature sensor
  • 25x15 mm for castellated or DIP mounting
  • Single point calibration


Design ✒️

Adding a module to your own design is straightforward. You'll need:

  1. bus connection to your controlling device (I2C, UART, USB)
  2. clean, isolated, power supply
  3. probe connection (U.FL, BNC, terminal block)

Some resources to get started:

Request a custom board

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