Microfire Development

API documentation, tutorials, general info

Thanks for stopping by. This site should have everything you need to get started developing a device with Microfire products. First take a second to go over what kinds of products we offer:

  • Sensor modules: these are small castellated modules that take a particular measurement (EC or pH for example). They provide I2C, UART and USB interface options to allow them to be integrated onto a board that provides probe connections, appropriate interface connections and power. These are best suited for creating a fully customized sensing device where you want full control over all aspects of the hardware design.
  • Development Boards: these are small boards that provide all the required connections for the sensor modules. Isolated power, probe connections, and interface connections are implemented. As an example, there is a dev board that includes a U.FL probe connector, a sensor module, I2C isolation, and Qwiic connections. These boards are the easiest way to add sensing capabilities to a device.